Products in the Detergent Division

  • Detergent powders.
  • Detergent cakes.
  • Liquid detergents.
  • Low foam Machine Wash Powders &Liquid detergents.
  • Dish Wash Powders & Liquids
  • Industrial Laundry & Dish wash products.

Products in the Aerosol Division.

  • Touch up spray Paints for Automotive industry
  • FMCG products like Air/Room Fresheners in different fragrances
  • Aerosol Upholstery cleaners.
  • Multipurpose Aerosol cleaners.
  • Aerosol car cleaner compounds like Glass cleaners, Tyre Cleaner Sprays etc.
  • Mold release compounds for the plastic molding industry,
  • Anti-spatter compounds for the fabrication industry,
  • Anti-Corrosion sprays for Industrial use.
  • Degreasing sprays.
  • Chain Lubricating Sprays.
  • Air/Gas dusters for moisture free cleaning in the Electronic components manufacturing industry.

Future Products

In addition, in the same facility, Work is going on to develop additional products like Body Deodorants, Shaving foam ,and Herbal products for different applications like Insect Repellant sprays,, Anti Septic sprays, pain relief sprays etc.